Weber’s Complete BBQ Book

This was actually the first book I bought on the subject of BBQs – Why wouldn’t you head straight for one of the biggest names in BBQ? – and it really helped getting me through the early stages.

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It starts with a good “how to” section, which outlines different cooking techniques and terms as well as equipment you might want to invest in and why.

The rest of the majority of the book is broken up by ingredient (Beef, Pork, Vegetables, etc.) with frequently injected tips and tricks as which are really useful, especially for beginners.

I’ve tried loads of the recipes, and discovered and learnt some new techniques (planking, bricking, using a basket, buying and using a rotisserie etc..) and managed to build up a collection of jars of various rubs and sauces.

Don’t think for a second that vegetables are relegated to being simple sides, the recipes here are good enough to convince even the most carnivorous BBQ Chef to give over some grill space to our 5 a day friends. (there’s also a small section on fruit with some interesting ideas).

The last part of the book, entitled “Resources” covers rubs, marinades and sauces as well as a useful theory section on how to tell when food is cooked and what to do with it after (freezing for example).

Overall this is a brilliant book, not just for beginners,  which includes lots of value add beyond the recipes.

Order your copy via the link below:

Highlights :

  • The Honey Glazed Squash – this incredible dishes uses honey and currey powder ot create an awesome veggie dish
  • Stacked Baby Back Ribs – Great method for cooking ribs with limited space
  • The section on smoking  Pork Shoulder –who doesn’t love pulled pork

Click the image below to pick up a copy from Amazon


(Yep, I’m an affiliate, click here for more details)

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