Stone Baked Backyard Pizza

I’ll start with a confession; I’m writing this to justify an upcoming purchase, as all the kit in the post belongs to my dear dad (also,  I had hoped this was going to be a video edition,  but trying to video the process while supervising two aspiring pizza creators was too tough a challenge!).

uumi pizza oven.jpg
BBQ Pizza Oven

While not exactly a staple in a BBQ Grilling and Smoking blog, this piece of kit is more than worthy of inclusion.   There are various models available, this one is the uuni – link at the bottom.

This is probably the most accessible pizza oven I’ve seen or played with, with a low footprint, low fuel requirement and lowish price point.

The fuel we used waa wood pellets, which, due to their combined surface area, but high density create a very high heat very quickly.  We managed to turn out 5 Pizza’s with a couple of handfuls of pellets, which can be easily topped up via the hopper system if needed.  Although you can use paper to start the fire, or more likely some form of fire lighter, we chose the foolproof blowtorch method.

An infra-red thermometer and pizza slider are essential.

It’s also worth mentioning that you’re not limited to just pizza, or indeed flat breads, chapatis and the like, but you can also use it to cook “al forno” style dishes. Albeit at 400C!  The cooking area is very spacious, and the back is obviously much hotter than the front, and you can regulate the temperature, although it takes a little practice (more on that once I’ve made the investment 😉 ).

pizza oven.jpg
Small garden pizza oven

To be honest, the whole process is really simple:

  • Make or purchase dough (recipe and links to follow)
  • Roll out dough, cover with toppings (more on that below)
  • Place on “shovel” – this piece of kit is a must and better than what comes with the unni unit
  • place in oven for about 20 seconds (seriously, they cook quickly)
  • Rotate and cook for a further 20 seconds
  • (repeat as necessary)
homemade pizza5.jpg
My best home made pizza from a garden pizza oven.


  • Although mozzarella balls create a better pizza than shredded/grated, these two tips help ensure success;
    •  Slice it as thinly as you can
    • Slice well before required and leave to dry before use (otherwise the cheese can create a liquid that discharges and makes for soggy pizza)
  • Go sparingly on the passata and leave a space for a crust – again, too much will result in a very soggy pizza – consider thickening passata on the hob prior to use (and add garlic).
  • Pre-cook toppings – ham, sliced olives, sliced mushrooms etc. can cook quickly, but if you’re using artichoke hearts, small peppers, or other large ingredients, consider giving them a helping hand before putting them on the pizza to ensure they cook.
  • Select your fuel carefully. Depending on the choice here you could get an odd flavour to your pizzas, experiment and test things before commiting to bulk buying for value.

Buy an uuni from the link below:


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